Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is among the five world leaders who have decided to hold off on recognizing Joe Biden’s election. But in Mexico this is becoming a conservative talking point for promoting Trump’s narrative. Mexico’s President has developed a close relationship with Trump, despite Trump’s constant attacks against Mexicans. On Saturday Lopez Obrador told reporters that he doesn’t want to be imprudent and that he wants to wait until the electoral process is finished. In Mexico, the ambiguous message from López Obrador immediately triggered a media firestorm from critics charging that the Mexican president had essentially sided with Trump. U.S. congressman Joaquin Castro, a Texas Democrat went to Twitter to denounce the Mexican president’s decision as a diplomatic failure at a time when the incoming Biden Administration is looking to a new era of friendship and cooperation with Mexico.” Political analysts have asked: “What kind of retribution is…

Mexico’s official death toll is only a fraction of the real total. The Mexican government has avoided adjusting its death toll upward to include people who weren’t tested or died at home. Mexico’s top coronavirus official said that the real death toll from COVID-19 will be available in a couple of years. Health officials acknowledged that the real death toll is higher, but difficult to estimate due to a lack of testing. The government has reported at least 122,000 excess deaths in the last five months, according to its latest nationwide study. The government had ordered a million additional death certificates to be printed as several parts of the country ran out.

Patients are waiting to seek medical care until their cases are so bad that doctors can do little to help them. In a survey published last month, 70% of Mexicans said they would feel “unsafe” taking their relatives to the hospital during the pandemic.

This is President López Obrador’s first trip abroad since he took office in 2018. During this time, he has mostly delegated issues of foreign affairs to members of his cabinet, choosing not to travel beyond his country’s borders during more than 18 months in office. But the timing of this first face-to-face meeting with Trump, which marks the start of a new North American trade deal, has raised questions in Mexico about whether the visit might be interpreted as support for the reelection of President Trump.  López Obrador has faced widespread criticism for seeking out a meeting with Trump given the U.S. president’s history of blasting Mexico over immigration and border security. Still, López Obrador insisted the trip was positive for Mexico. He explained that he has chosen to go in the hopes of preserving Mexico’s most important commercial relationship.

Mexico is rapidly becoming one of the worst-affected countries from the novel coronavirus in the world. With more than 20,000 deaths, it’s the seventh-highest global death toll, according to the John Hopkins University. Infections continue to grow; just last week Mexico reported a record-high 5,000 new positive coronavirus cases, its biggest single-day jump, this lifts the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases to 181,000. Although, The government has said the real number of infected people is significantly higher than the official count. Amid this constant raise in the number of coronavirus cases, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is encouraging the public to begin to leave the confinements, although practically the whole country is still in the red of the rankings, this means that the risk of coronavirus infection is currently at the maximum level in every state of the country, according to the government’s “stoplight” map. Mexico City…

Mexico leads in lethality in Latin America, a region already considered the epicenter of the pandemic by the World Health Organization. because of the rapid expansion of cases.  Mexico reports the highest proportion, even higher than Brazil, which has the second-highest number of confirmed cases in the world, this according to Johns Hopkins University.  In response, Undersecretary of health, Hugo Lopez Gatell, explained that Mexico is overestimating mortality and that the country doesn’t count the mild cases of the disease In Mexico, we have over 70,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and over 7,000 registered deaths. But Health officials have acknowledged that the true death toll is higher, but difficult to estimate due to a low testing rate. A Reuters review of data showed that mortality rate could be at least 2.5 times higher than the government’s tally. Despite the situation, Mexico has started its re-opening plan with a 4-color coding…

Mexico’s food banks are in higher demand than usual as they try to ensure food security for the entire country. Several social initiatives are rising to the challenge of providing food to people who’ve lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Valeria Leon has the story.

Mexico City’s homeless population is being aided by a Mobile Clinic, donated by the Turkish Government in October. Inside this medical unit, doctors are able to check on patients and isolate those who test positive for COVID-19. The more than one hundred patients who visit each week are given information regarding the illness while waiting their turn to see a doctor. My story:

For the second time in less than a month, 8-month-old Matias tested positive for COVID-19. His mother, Mariana was first infected in Spain. She passed the illness on to her son when she returned home to Mexico, making him the first baby with Coronavirus in the country. To avoid the spread of misinformation and prevent other mothers from infecting their babies, Mariana launched a campaign using her case to draw attention to the risk that children face. According to Dr. Carmen Espinoza reports that children were somehow immune to the virus have been extremely detrimental.

2020 Women’s Day March in Mexico march marks the biggest feminist mobilization in the country’s history.  Thousands of protesters have gathered at the monument to the revolution to raise their voices against the continued killings of women.  The country classified a thousand killings as femicides last year,  and most of them were the culmination of domestic violence.  This fight against gender-violence is the first big social movement to form during the presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who took office in Dicember 2018.