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Caravan Migrants hopeful of US entry

Central American migrants through Mexico on their way to the US.



Mexico Decides: Voters to elect new president 

Mexican 2018 presidential election. Three candidates ran for presidency in an election that’s largely divided along class line



Is the creation of a complete wall between the U.S. and Mexico possible?

U.S. President Donald Trump continues to insist on building a border wall with Mexico. He also maintains the idea that Mexico will foot the bill for the construction.




Vigilante Militias are taking over towns in southern Mexico

Communities are taking up arms. They say they are fighting the criminal cartels, that kidnap and extort them




Earthquake survivors in Mexico rebuild from scratch with recycled materials

Earthquake survivors in Mexico rebuild from scratch with recycled materials.


Mexicans near epicenter of a powerful earthquake take stock of their losses

After the country’s deadliest earthquake in 32-years, Mexicans are picking up the pieces. Familiar with earthquakes, Mexicans know the drill but after two quakes in one month, they are being pushed to the limit and showing their true spirit.



Residents of Mexico’s poppy country fight back to reclaim their peace

The drug cartel war has made Guerrero the deadliest region in Mexico, where the number of homicides each month has never been higher. It’s also forced residents to form their own community police forces, to protect themselves.


Desperate to reach the US border, migrants ride the Beast through Mexico

 It is a treacherous journey traveling on a train known as the “Beast.” There aren’t train tickets or really even seats on this train.


One of world’s most powerful criminals, treated as a hero in Mexico

Notorious drug kingpin Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is known for heading one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world, from his base in Mexico.