July 2019


Mexicans have begun to express their concern and dissatisfaction with the growing number of Central American migrants moving through their country. “I spoke to a migrant who told me he had escaped from his country because he killed someone there, and he came to Mexico. So how peacefully will we live here close to a killer?” says Liliana a teacher speaking to TRT World. A recent public opinion survey conducted by the Washington Post and Reforma newspapers suggests 55% of Mexican respondents are in favor of deportation of migrants. Gabriela Hernandez, director of Casa Tochan Refuge blames the backlash against migrants on poor government communication. Mexico was forced to deploy thousands of troops and police at its borders in June and ramped up detentions and deportations, which only cement public sentiment against migrants as unwanted outsiders. In previous years, an estimated 500,000 migrants annually crossed Mexico in search of the “American…

The quality of the Mexican tortilla has suffered. Local production has given way to the import of over 10 million tons of corn annually. Molino “El Pujol” is trying to bring back the long-time practice of milling corn to make dough and resurrect the “real” tortilla in the era of mass production in the food industry.  The house-made dough from Oaxaca is sent to restaurants, including the world-renowned Pujol. But not everyone in the city can offer this treat due to the time-consuming process it requires.  The Nixtamalization is the traditional preparation method with maize, during which it is soaked and cooked. This special tortilla production system incorporates an educational element: tortillas come wrapped in what they call the Totomoxtle “newspaper” on which information is printed about corn.

Violence against women has plagued the country, nevertheless Mexican women are now coming forward to confront this crisis by taking matters into their own hands. Mexico has seen a spike in female participation in its youth self-defense course, as more women turn to the sport for strength-building and confidence-boosting.

A “ Crocodile bride” is baptized in a church and dressed in a white wedding gown to marry the Mayor of the Mexican town of San Pedro Huamelula. Locals call the crocodile “the little princess”, the reptile is believed to be a representation of a goddess. As part of this fertility tradition, which started in 1789, residents accompany the wedding procession through the town with band music. Each year they pay tribute to the reptile bride, they believe this wedding symbolizes the balance between man and nature.

After striking a deal with the US government to prevent bruising tariffs, Mexico has tightened border controls. As a result, citizens of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador heading to America are taking more dangerous routes to cross into the country, to avoid being detained.  An hour away from Mexico City, Tultitlan is a crossroads for freight trains and popular gathering point for migrants. But their numbers have dropped since the government became more stringent in enforcing immigration policies.  Jorge Luis Berrios has encountered eight checkpoints on his way through four Mexican states. After showing his documents, officials let him pass “Mexican authorities have told us to always carry our IDs. If we don’t, they’ll deport us. We have to avoid any sort of trouble while we’re in Mexico, ” Berrios said.” Officials say that since reaching an agreement with the US to control the influx of migrants through Mexico, deportations have risen 33-percent( “As Mexico cracks down on Central Americans trying to get to the US, Mexican military have begun targeting migrants…

It’s been a year since Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected President, and seven months since he took office. He launched two of his signature programs: scholarships for young people who are out of work and pension plans for people over 65 years old. His austerity plan reduced the wages of highly paid government officials’, and budget cuts were applied in a number of federal ministries. This left many government workers without a job. For economic analyst José Luis de la Cruz these austerity measures might have a negative impact on the country’s growth Lopez Obrador’s agenda shifted after U.S. President Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexican goods if Mexico couldn’t rapidly reduce the northbound flow of migrants. At the national palace in Mexico City, AMLO holds a daily morning conference allowing reporters to ask questions. But the relationship between Mexico’s President and journalists has been particularly complicated.  FULL STORY: