Mexicans have begun to express their concern and dissatisfaction with the growing number of Central American migrants moving through their country.
“I spoke to a migrant who told me he had escaped from his country because he killed someone there, and he came to Mexico. So how peacefully will we live here close to a killer?” says Liliana a teacher speaking to TRT World.

A recent public opinion survey conducted by the Washington Post and Reforma newspapers suggests 55% of Mexican respondents are in favor of deportation of migrants.

Gabriela Hernandez, director of Casa Tochan Refuge blames the backlash against migrants on poor government communication.

Mexico was forced to deploy thousands of troops and police at its borders in June and ramped up detentions and deportations, which only cement public sentiment against migrants as unwanted outsiders.

In previous years, an estimated 500,000 migrants annually crossed Mexico in search of the “American Dream.”


Most are from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, fleeing poverty and violence instigated by drug traffickers or criminal gangs.

For Mexicans who already struggle to find employment and sustenance, accepting migrants within their borders may be even more of a challenge.

TRT World ‘s Valeria Leon reports from Mexico City.



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