Five centuries after the arrival of Cristopher Columbus, Santo Domingo is still capital of a New World. Calle de las Damas—the first street in America— is still located in Santo Domingo’s historical center. Its Colonial-style tiling and the sun than seems to float suspended in the sky are reminiscent of affluent women who walked every afternoon among its mansions and under the shadow of great fortresses. Also stones, palm trees, and balconies seem to preserve the sound of the carriages that gave color to the city when the continent was still a dream under construction and the new colony, a proud reflection of its European heritage. On the western side of Plaza de España and with the Ozama river running behind it towards the Caribbean waters, Columbus’ Castle holds among its walls a history of greatness which began when it was home to Diego, son of Cristopher Columbus and María de Toledo, his wife, before becoming a prison, and during the 18th century, making its time as…