The expansion of the measles epidemic in the US faces its second largest outbreak in two decades has activated alerts in Mexico. Mexico’s Ministry of Health has issued a travel alert to the United States due to imported cases in Mexico.

The most recent was detected on May 27th.

TRT World’s Valeria Leon reports from Tepoztlan, Mexico.


Director of Mexico City’s Public Health System, Jorge Ochoa, spotted a case of a Mexican who was infected with measles while visiting New York.

“We have established permanent communication with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They have informed us when there’s someone infected travelling from the United States to Mexico. Also in the country’s entry points, we’ve designated personnel to spot and check these cases,” the health services director said.

Three more possible cases are still being diagnosed.

There are no vaccinations required for entry to Mexico but health measures have been reinforced to reduce the risk of spreading the infection in the country.


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