Violence against women has plagued the country, nevertheless Mexican women are now coming forward to confront this crisis by taking matters into their own hands. Mexico has seen a spike in female participation in its youth self-defense course, as more women turn to the sport for strength-building and confidence-boosting.  https://www.univision.com/univision-news/survey-reveals-a-huge-increase-in-violence-against-women-in-mexico-video

27-year-old Francisco Romero was shot dead outside a bar in Playa del Carmen. His colleagues remember his coverage of the crime beat in this resort town. After Romero was kidnapped in 2018 and his Facebook page was hacked, he sued the responsible parties, including the Mayor of Playa del Carmen.  After this happened, independent reporters expressed their fear of continuing their work. In this context of extreme violence, journalists have become a new target in Playa del Carmen, where the homicide rate has reached epidemic proportions. https://www.univision.com/univision-news/exclusive-reporter-murdered-in-mexico-video

Being a journalist in Playa del Carmen is a high-risk affair. Authorities couldn’t ensure Francisco Romero’s safety. He was one of the most followed reporters but also, one of the most threatened, which led him to leave the state of Quintana Roo for three months. But six months after he came back he was killed. Her widow, 40-year-old, Veronica Rodriguez, remembered when Romero finally got around to asking her to marry him. She gave us the last interview before leaving the state for security reasons. https://fusion.tv/video/594137/the-5th-journalist-murdered-in-mexico-this-year/?fbclid=IwAR3N8jFiIKf5NrFkvFgqk9ZpNqSu6IjEAQDZAOXnj7xFa17LDZzL0AcX7Bc

Mexico City is one of the world’s biggest commuter cities. But female passengers say their rides are filled with constant risk of sexual harassment. They report cat-calling, groping and even rape and kidnapping. But as Valeria Leon reports, many still refuse to confront the problem head-on. Some women report they’ve been harassed at a very young age. They say it’s so common that women grow used to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p1I_kXr1kA Mexico City’s government introduced women-only cars in 2008. Through Facebook and Whatsapp groups women share information about where attacks happen most often. They say it helps them reduce the risk of riding public transport. The first recorded study on sexual assault was published ten years ago by Fabiola Zermeño from a local NGO. The results of a follow up study in 2017 revealed that the number of sexual assaults in the subway system hasn’t gone down over the last decade. The…

This is the 4th migrant caravan to arrive in Mexico City in less than a year. Out of the 3,000 migrants that left Honduras only 350 made it here. https://fusion.tv/video/592708/mexico-implementing-stricter-measures-to-deal-with-migrants/?fbclid=IwAR2p74i6Ewy12Py0dw4WhvIFdu7maNeMVTSs9ceeKAmwTLs2Vxe0SC809Oo In Mexico City, the government is implementing stricter measures to deal with the flow of migrants coming into the country from Central America. Many of these policies took effect after the arrival of the last caravan and could offer a preview of Mexico’s new attitude towards migrants passing through the country. At the migrant shelter in Mexico City, Central Americans feel lucky to have gotten as far as they have, considering both the distance and constant abuse they received from immigration officers. Mexico has become a destination for migrants traveling in caravans. In response to the wave of immigration the Mexican government has aimed to control the illegal crossers. Mexico’s popularity as a destination, rather than a mere transit route, for…