As thousands of Central Americans in Mexico wait for a final response on their migration status in the country, their livelihoods greatly depend on the results of negotiations between the United States and Mexico, which are set to close today, September 10th. Valeria Reports https://youtu.be/hmLIclxLM_I The two countries agreed on a 90-day test period before those tariffs will kick in.

Mexico’s willingness to accept US asylum seekers is causing concern among officials in Mexican border cities who are already struggling to deal with thousands of Central American migrants. Mexico, meanwhile, is struggling to say how it will house and protect what could become tens of thousands of Central American migrants who might wind up in its cities along the border with the United States. It is clearly not ready to shelter so many. https://youtu.be/nF6PvQc9vvo Mexico’s Government informed migrants seeking asylum at the U.S. border will receive humanitarian visas to stay in Mexico while they wait for a resolution. But this could take years. Reporting Live from Mexico City for TRT WORLD, December 2018.