kidnappings of women


Mexico City is one of the world’s biggest commuter cities. But female passengers say their rides are filled with constant risk of sexual harassment. They report cat-calling, groping and even rape and kidnapping. But as Valeria Leon reports, many still refuse to confront the problem head-on. Some women report they’ve been harassed at a very young age. They say it’s so common that women grow used to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p1I_kXr1kA Mexico City’s government introduced women-only cars in 2008. Through Facebook and Whatsapp groups women share information about where attacks happen most often. They say it helps them reduce the risk of riding public transport. The first recorded study on sexual assault was published ten years ago by Fabiola Zermeño from a local NGO. The results of a follow up study in 2017 revealed that the number of sexual assaults in the subway system hasn’t gone down over the last decade. The…