Mexico, more than a tourism destination, is a gastronomic paradise. “Don’t visit the pyramids, dive into the richness of flavor of their popular dishes”, is the advice a foreigner gives to a fellow european countryman who is about to visit the country. I went with Rajan along some of Mexico City’s markets and, among pungent smells of boiling barbacoa and melted cheese, he described his experience in the country using food: “For a mexican, everything revolves around food. The get-togethers, the customs, the parties, it all becomes a part of the culinary experience.” As I observed with distaste the bubbling of oil cooking the chicharrón, he smiled before what he considered to be an elixir. “The barbacoa is the best I’ve ever tasted”, he told the street vendor from State of Mexico, who with a fleeting smile offered the european a taco. It was gone in two bites. Worldwide culinary…