September 2019


Five years ago today, 43 students from a teacher’s college in Mexico disappeared. Families of the missing students are still living in anguish, unsure of what happened to their loved ones. Valeria Leon reports. The unsolved case of 43 missing students continues to draw crowds to protest. Parents of the victims persist in their demand to bring justice to the case. September 26th, a day that has come to represent the State’s criminal involvement in human rights violations.

As thousands of Central Americans in Mexico wait for a final response on their migration status in the country, their livelihoods greatly depend on the results of negotiations between the United States and Mexico, which are set to close today, September 10th. Valeria Reports The two countries agreed on a 90-day test period before those tariffs will kick in.

It is his first State of the Union speech and Mexico’s President is celebrating an agreement with the United States. Lopez Obrador’s government reached a deal with the Trump administration to overcome the threat of tariffs on trade, it was in exchange for sending troops to Mexico’s southern border. All negotiated under US President Trump’s crackdown on the flow of undocumented migrants entering America. One of the Mexican President’s priorities he discussed is the newly created National Guard, which was deployed in part to curb unregulated migration. Much of Lopez Obrador’s political messaging, including his first State of the Union Address, focuses on his effort to fight violence with education. For political analyst, Esteban Illades, Lopez Obrador’s messages portray a conception of reality that differs from what’s happening in the country. Despite the protests and temperamental relationship with his American neighbors, Lopez Obrador still enjoys a 68 percent approval rating.…