El Sueño de Frida


Only 3 percent cent of people with Down Syndrome in Mexico have access to education, but by combining courses with work, projects like “El Sueño de Frida” attempt to displace years of ignorance that have kept many people with disabilities confined from the workplace.  This is Alfredo’s first job – a waiter at a new cafeteria in Mexico that caters to and employs people with Down Syndrome. Working here allows the staff to improve their physical and mental abilities, a rarity in the country’s business sector. The restaurant, called “El Sueño de Frida” or Frida’s Dream, has dozens of potential employees with disabilities on a waitlist. The director of the foundation, Yessenia Escudero, created this project to help overcome the discrimination that people with this degenerative condition face in the workplace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd6ptZF82QE&t=17s Part of the project’s goal is to show other companies that – with a little patience and special training…