August 2019


As a result of the investigation into the attacks, the city’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that one policeman was put under arrest. He is being held for trial on charges he raped a young female employee at a city museum. The city’s mayor also announced that six police officers were suspended and has promised to solve these cases regardless of the accused belonging to the city’s police forces. In another case, city prosecutors have said there are irregularities in an accusation made against several police officers by a woman who alleged they raped in a patrol car, earlier this month

Hundreds of women protesters have taken to the streets in Mexico’s capital demanding justice for rape crimes against two girls at the hands of the police. This march went viral as activists used pink spray and threw glitter as part of their protest.  During the protest, a woman was filmed damaging the Mexico City Attorney General’s office. The video went viral, as well as the message she left explaining her actions: “The damage done to the building installations can be repaired in a day. The life of someone who has been sexually assaulted can never be repaired” Valeria Leon has the details.

Hundreds of women embark on protest in Mexico city after accusations surface that police officers raped two teenagers. These demonstrations have become known as the “glitter protests” after marchers earlier this week showered the Mexico city’s police chief in pink glitter. During the march, many expressed outrage over the high levels of violence against women and girls in Mexico. The main hashtag of this movement has become #theydontlookaftermetheyrapeme Journalist Valeria Leon has more from Mexico City.